Industrial Ecology Resources

Businesses today are facing a number of challenges. The economy is making it difficult to anticipate projected sales figures with unemployment and overall economic woes. Plus, competition to retain existing customers and to acquire new customers is very difficult. Overall, these factors and many others are making it very difficult for companies, both large and small, to become profitable.

In addition to the economic problems facing companies, they are facing other social issues. One of the largest problems facing both the public and private sectors is that of sustainability. Every decision that businesses make need to be made with an eye on the environment. A decision made without considering the environment can result in environmental problems and subsequently lead to a public relations nightmare.

This balance between industries and the environment has become more prominent. These concerns are all part of a field of academic study called industrial ecology. With the diminishing natural resources on the planet, and the concerns of businesses to be profitable, this will become an important field now and in the foreseeable future. To become introduced to the field of industrial ecology, we has assembled a selection of helpful resources:

Industry Environmental Issues

General Environmental Issues and Concerns


Business and the Environment

Industrial Ecology Resources