World Resources Institute (WRI) reporting

World Resources Institute (WRI) reporting Does your organization have grants or contracts with the Federal government? Yes X List Agencies: US AID, EPA, State Dept., US Forest Service Less than 100,000: State Dept grants, US Forest Service at $100KGreater than 100,000: US AID, EPA 1. Number of professional minority employees: number of nonminority professional employees: 83 2. Number of administrative/support minority employees : 7number of nonminority admin/support employees : 9 3. Percent of minority employees over the past 3 years (average) compared to nonminority employees: average in past years 22 – 25% 4. Do you have a formal Diversity Program? no 5. Number of minority program managers and project directors: 9number of nonminority program managers and project directors: 24 6. Number of formal (programmatic, monetary, managerial) partnerships with minority organizations: more than 30Because most of our work is overseas, we literally have partners all around the world. We have partners in Tanzania (2 diff organizations), Uganda, Kenya, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia, Namibia, Cameroon, Mali, Senegal (3 partners), Republic of Congo, Gabon, Nicaragua, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia, China, Chile, India, Philippines, Mexico, Brazil, and this is far from a complete list… These partners received over $2,009,986 in subgrant monies. 7. Number of minority contractors used for goods and services (at least 3 with at least 15% of supplier/services budget): many of our partners listed in #6 are also suppliers of services. 8. Use services of minority bank (at least one). We are a small organization and have only 1 bank with whom we hold a banking relationship – it is not minority owned to our knowledge… 9. Total amount of contributions to minority environmental organizations (threshold: 15% budget) Just counting US Government monies, WRI subgranted approx 10% of budget. Including private monies, other foreign government monies, and foundation monies, WRI subgrant to other minority organizations total: $6,009,730 or approximately $31.6% of total budget. 10. Percent of budget dedicated specifically to minority staff and minority programs: zero