BRAC 2005

The Bush Administration has proposed closing 180 military installations in the U.S. and hopes to save about $50 billion over a 20 year period. The proposal has to be approved by Congress. The Pentagon plans to close 33 major military bases and realign 29 others in order to operate more efficiently. The proposed changes would take place between 2007 and 2011. Many military facilities are contaminated with hazardous wastes. Stakeholders should search for the pollutnants at the bases in their areas if redevelopment includes residential or commercial projects.Walter Reed Army Medical Center is on the closure list. Published reports state that the Pentagon is considering military housing on the site. If so, AAEA research indicates that the site will have to be cleaned up because it is on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s list of CERCLIS sites in the District of Columbia. Walter Reed is a 113 acre site in Northwest Washington, DC located at 6826 16th Street, NW (between 16th and Georgia Avenues), 20305-5001. The population around Walter Reed is approximately 84% African American. Walter Reed, founded in 1909 in Washington, DC, is the military’s most famous hospital.Pollution at Walter Reed Army Medical CenterFacilityWard Pounds Walter Reed Army Medical Center 41,Waste, Acetone 986825 16th Street, NW 2.Waste, Ethyl Ether 11Washington, DC 20305-5001 3.Waste Ethanol Solutions 4,473 4.Waste Ethyl Acetate 391994 Hazardous Waste Report 5.Waste Ethylene Dichloride 1 6.Waste Isopropanol 101 7.Waste Methanol 572 8.Waste Xylenes 582 9.Waste Dinitrophenol 16 10.Waste Flammable Solid 1 11.Waste Ammonia Persulfate 1 12.Waste Oxidizing Substances; Chromium, Lead 30 13.Waste Silver Nitrate 34 14.Waste Sodium Nitrate 1 15.Waste Sodium Nitrate 2 16.Waste Dichloromethane 2 17.Waste Mercuric Nitrate 3 18.Waste Nitrophenols 1 19.Waste Phenol 15 20.Waste Potassium Cyanide 1 21.Waste Sodium Azide 25 22.Waste Sodium Cyanide 1 23.Waste Caustic Alkali, Liquids 1,000 24.Waste Caustic Alkali, Liquids 107 25.Waste Aluminum Chloride 2 26.Waste Corrosive Liquids 550 27.Waste Corrosive Liquids; Chromium, Chloroform 634 28.Waste Formic Acid 25 29.Waste Mixed Acid 25 30.Waste Phosphoric Acid 1 31.Waste Phosphorus Rentoxide 8 32.Waste Sodium Hydroxide Solution 21 33.Waste Nitrating Acid Mixtures, Spent 28 34.Waste Titanium Tetrachloride 1 35.Waste Perchloric Acid 13 36.Waste Benzidine; Diamine Biphenyl 1 37.Waste Chloroform 85 38.Waste Compressed Gases, Flammable 10 39.Waste Denatured Alcohol 572 40.Waste Flammable Liquid; Chloroform 15,205 41.Waste Mercury Compounds, Liquid; Silver 19 42.Waste Mercury Compounds, Solid 2,025 43.Waste Nitric Acid 15 44.Waste Acrylamide 2 45.Waste Cresols 2 46.Waste Di-(tert Butylpercxy) Phthalate 13 47. Waste N.N-Dimethyl Formamide 113 48.Waste Osmium Tetroxide 30 49.Waste Ammonium Sulfide Solution 2 50.Waste Acetic Acid, Clacial 1 Waste Mercury; Silver 694 52.Waste Poisonous Liquids; Arsenic Acid, 3 Dinitrophenol 53.Waste Water Reactive Solid 2 54.Waste Corrosive Liquid, Flammable 40 55.Waste Corrosive Liquid, Poisonous; Mercury 1 56.Waste Flammable Liquids, Corrosive 100 57.Waste Flammable Liquid, Corrosive 17 58.Waste Poisonous Liquids, Flammable 2 59.Waste Hydrogen Peroxide Aqueous Solutions 37 60.Waste Batteries Dry, Containing Potassium 12 Hydroxide, Solid; Cadmium 61.Waste Environmentally Hazardous Substance, 794 Solid; Lead, Silver 62.Waste Environmentally Hazardous Substance, 340 Liquid; Lead 63. Waste Environmentally Hazardous Substance, 411 Liquid 64. Waste Corrosive Liquids, Oxidizing 920 65.Waste Corrosive Liquids, Oxidizing 8 66.Waste Oxidizing Substance, Liquid 20 67.Waste Oxidizing Substances, Liquid; Chromium 25 68.Waste Selenium Compound 25 TOTAL 29,971Source: Our Unfair Share II: Pollution in Washington, DC, 1998, ‘CERCLIS Sites in the District of Columbia,’ African American Environmentalist Association, Friends of the Earth.The Pentagon projects savings of hundreds of millions of dollarsby closing Walter Reed.BRAC 2005 Closure and Realignment Impacts by StatePentagon List of Recommended Military Base, Facility ClosingsAlabamaAbbott U.S. Army Reserve Center, TuskegeeAnderson U.S. Army Reserve Center, TroyArmed Forces Reserve Center, MobileBG William P. Screws U.S. Army Reserve Center, MontgomeryFort Ganey Army National Guard Reserve Center, MobileFort Hanna Army National Guard Reserve Center, BirminghamGary U.S. Army Reserve Center, EnterpriseNavy Recruiting District Headquarters, MontgomeryNavy Reserve Center, TuscaloosaThe Adjutant General Bldg, AL Army National Guard, MontgomeryWright U.S. Army Reserve CenterAlaskaKulis Air Guard StationArizonaAir Force Research Lab, MesaAllen Hall Armed Forces Reserve Center, TucsonArkansasEl Dorado Armed Forces Reserve CenterStone U.S. Army Reserve Center, Pine BluffCaliforniaArmed Forces Reserve Center BellDefense Finance and Accounting Service, OaklandDefense Finance and Accounting Service, San BernardinoDefense Finance and Accounting Service, San DiegoDefense Finance and Accounting Service, SeasideNaval Support Activity CoronaNaval Weapons Station Seal Beach, Detachment ConcordNavy-Marine Corps Reserve Center, EncinoNavy-Marine Corps Reserve Center, Los AngelesOnizuka Air Force StationRiverbank Army Ammunition PlantConnecticutSgt. Libby U.S. Army Reserve Center, New HavenSubmarine Base New LondonTurner U.S. Army Reserve Center, FairfieldU.S. Army Reserve Center Maintenance Support Facility, MiddletownDelawareKirkwood U.S. Army Reserve Center, NewarkFloridaDefense Finance and Accounting Service, OrlandoNavy Reserve Center, St. PetersburgGeorgiaFort GillemFort McPhersonInspector/Instructor, RomeNaval Air Station AtlantaNaval Supply Corps School, AthensU.S. Army Reserve Center, ColumbusHawaiiArmy National Guard Reserve Center, HonokaaIdahoNavy Reserve Center, PocatelloIllinoisArmed Forces Reserve Center, CarbondaleNavy Reserve Center, Forest ParkIndianaNavy Marine Corps Reserve Center, Grissom Air Reserve Base, Bunker HillNavy Recruiting District Headquarters, IndianapolisNavy Reserve Center, EvansvilleNewport Chemical DepotU.S. Army Reserve Center, LafayetteU.S. Army Reserve Center, SestonIowaNavy Reserve Center, Cedar RapidsNavy Reserve Center, Sioux CityNavy-Marine Corps Reserve Center, DubuqueKansasKansas Army Ammunition PlantKentuckyArmy National Guard Reserve Center, PaducahDefense Finance and Accounting Service, LexingtonNavy Reserve Center, LexingtonU.S. Army Reserve Center, LouisvilleU.S. Army Reserve Center, MaysvilleLouisianaBaton Rouge Army National Guard Reserve CenterNaval Support Activity, New OrleansNavy-Marine Corps Reserve Center, Baton RougeRoberts U.S. Army Reserve Center, Baton RougeMaineDefense Finance and Accounting Service, LimestoneNaval Reserve Center, BangorNaval Shipyard PortsmouthMarylandDefense Finance and Accounting Service, Patuxent RiverNavy Reserve Center, AdelphiPfc. Flair U.S. Army Reserve Center, FrederickMassachusettsMalony U.S. Army Reserve CenterOtis Air Guard BaseWestover U.S. Army Reserve Center, CitopeeMichiganNavy Reserve Center MarquetteParisan U.S. Army Reserve Center, LansingSelfridge Army ActivityW.K. Kellogg Airport Air Guard StationMinnesotaNavy Reserve Center DuluthMississippiMississippi Army Ammunition PlantNaval Station, PascagoulaU.S. Army Reserve Center, VicksburgMissouriArmy National Guard Reserve Center, Jefferson BarracksDefense Finance and Accounting Service, Kansas CityDefense Finance and Accounting Service, St. LouisMarine Corps Support Center, Kansas CityNavy Recruiting District Headquarters, KansasNavy Reserve Center, Cape GirardeauMontanaGalt Hall U.S. Army Reserve Center, Great FallsNebraskaArmy National Guard Reserve Center, ColumbusArmy National Guard Reserve Center, Grand IslandArmy National Guard Reserve Center, KearnyNaval Recruiting District Headquarters, OmahaNavy Reserve Center, LincolnNevadaHawthorne Army DepotNew HampshireDoble U.S. Army Reserve Center, PortsmouthNaval Shipyard PortsmouthNew JerseyFort MonmouthInspector/Instructor Center, West TrentonKilmer U.S. Army Reserve Center, EdisonNew MexicoCannon Air Force BaseJenkins Armed Forces Reserve Center, AlbuquerqueNew YorkArmed Forces Reserve Cente r, AmityvilleArmy National Guard Reserve Center, Niagra FallsCarpenter U.S. Army Reserve Center, PoughkeepsieDefense Finance and Accounting Service, RomeNavy Recruiting District Headquarters, BuffaloNavy Reserve Center Glenn FallsNavy Reserve Center HorseheadNavy Reserve Center WatertownNiagra Falls International Airport Air Guard StationNorth CarolinaNavy Reserve Center, AshevilleNiven U.S. Army Reserve Center, AlbermarleOhioArmy National Guard Reserve Center, MansfieldArmy National Guard Reserve Center, WestervilleDefense Finance and Accounting Service, DaytonMansfield Lahm Municipal Airport Air Guard StationNavy-Marine Corps Reserve Center, AkronNavy-Marine Corps Reserve Center, ClevelandParrott U.S. Army Reserve Center, KentonU.S. Army Reserve Center, WhitehallOklahomaArmed Forces Reserve Center Broken ArrowArmed Forces Reserve Center MuskogeeArmy National Guard Reserve Center TishomingoKrowse U.S. Army Reserve Center, Oklahoma CityNavy-Marine Corps Reserve Center, TulsaOklahoma City (95th)PennsylvaniaBristolEngineering Field Activity NortheastKelly Support CenterNaval Air Station Willow GroveNavy-Marine Corps Reserve Center, ReadingNorth Penn U.S. Army Reserve Center, MorristownPittsburgh International Airport Air Reserve StationSerrenti U.S. Army Reserve Center, ScrantonU.S. Army Reserve Center BloomsburgU.S. Army Reserve Center LewisburgU.S. Army Reserve Center WilliamsportW. Reese U.S. Army Reserve Center/OMS, ChesterPuerto RicoArmy National Guard Reserve Center, HumacaoLavergne U.S. Army Reserve Center, BayamonRhode IslandHarwood U.S. Army Reserve Center, ProvidenceUSARC BristolSouth CarolinaDefense Finance and Accounting Service, CharlestonSouth Naval Facilities Engineering CommandSouth DakotaEllsworth Air Force BaseTennesseeU.S. Army Reserve Area Maintenance Support Facility, KingsportTexasArmy National Guard Reserve Center No. 2, DallasArmy National Guard Reserve Center (Hondo Pass), El PasoArmy National Guard Reserve Center, California CrossingArmy National Guard Reserve Center, EllingtonArmy National Guard Reserve Center, LufkinArmy National Guard Reserve Center, MarshallArmy National Guard Reserve Center, New BraunfelsBrooks City BaseDefense Finance and Accounting Service, San AntonioLone Star Army Ammunition PlantNaval Station, InglesideNavy Reserve Center, LubbockNavy Reserve Center, OrangeRed River Army DepotU.S. Army Reserve Center No. 2, HoustonUtahDeseret Chemical DepotVirginiaFort MonroeWashington1LT Richard H. Walker U.S. Army Reserve CenterArmy National Guard Reserve Center, EverettNavy-Marine Corps Reserve Center, TacomaU.S. Army Reserve Center, Fort LawtonVancouver BarracksWest VirginiaBias U.S. Army Reserve Center, HuntingtonFairmont U.S. Army Reserve CenterNavy-Marine Corps Reserve Center, MoundsvilleWisconsinGen. Mitchell International Airport ARSNavy Reserve Center, La CrosseNavy-Marine Corps Reserve Center, MadisonOlson U.S. Army Reserve Center, MadisonU.S. Army Reserve Center, O’ConnellWyomingArmy Aviation Support Facility, CheyenneArmy National Guard Reserve Center, Thermopolis