Criteria For Development Projects

CriteriaFor Supporting/OpposingDevelopment Projects 1. Is the project environmentally damaging? 2. If the project is environmentally damaging, is the damage significant? 3. Does the project promote sprawl? 4. Does the project harm African American communities? 5. Is the project outside of a smart growth area? 6. Does the project cause economic disadvantage or have any negative or biased economic consequences? 7. Are there many environmentally damaging projects in the area? 8. Do the majority of residents in the region oppose the project? 9. Does the political decision-making body oppose the project? 10. Do environmental groups oppose the project?Seven (7) or more “No” responses: Project is eligible for Center support. Select Projects Supported:1) Children’s Island (Approved, stalled, and never developed)2) Woodrow Wilson Bridge (Almost completedt)3) National Harbor (Completed – But not all of the original vision)4) Intercounty Connector (Currently being constructed)5) Cape Wind Energy Farm, Nantucket Sound (Currently being considered for development)6) North Anna nuclear power plant Early Site Permit, Virginia (Being considered)7) Clinton, Illinois nuclear power plant Early Site Permit (Being considered)8) Grand Gulf nuclear power plant Early Site Permit, Mississippi (Being considered)9) Broadwater — New York LNG Project (Stalled and rejected by the state)10) Cabrillo Port Project — BHP Billiton LNG Project – Oxnard, California