Kids Helping the Environment

The environment is all around us, it includes our parks, ponds, oceans and mountains; and it is up to us to make sure that the Earth’s natural beauty is available for everyone to enjoy. Learning about our environment and taking positive actions to protect our Earth is one of the first steps in doing our part to be environmentally friendly. Everyone can help, no matter how big or how small; through recycling, energy conservation, and other small changes, we can work together to save the environment. There are so many fun and easy ways to help the environment. All of these small changes add up and can make a big impact on our world and encourage others to get involved and go green.Check out the links we’ve included below for more information, tips and games about how you can be more environmentally friendly.Meet the Greens: The Greens are a family that helps the environment and invite you to join in and do your part to improve our planet one kid at a time.Easy Environment Tips for Kids: Hey kids, this is a short list of easy ways that you can reduce your impact on the environment from National Geographic for Kids. Check it out!Students for the Environment: The Environmental Protection Agency has tons of great informational resources for students interested in saving our environment.Explore EnergyQuest: A fun and interactive website for kids, EnergyQuest has games, movies and educational resources about reducing energy use.Environmental Education for Kids (EEK!): Learn about our Earth, nature and animals, and how you can be more green and environmentally friendly.Learn How to be a Rainforest Hero: Students can use this kid-friendly website to learn more about the rainforest and join in the fight to save our rainforests.Recycle City: The EPA provides a fun and interactive game to teach kids about recycling and how they can put recycling to work in their home and community.Protecting the Environment through Knowledge: Information for students about protecting the environment, the importance of clean air and water, and how they can help.Energy Kids: Kid-friendly information about energy sources and alternative options to traditional fuel sources.EnergyStar Kids: An interactive, energy-efficient website for kids with fun games and activities that teach the importance of environmental awareness and how they can help conserve energy.Kids Saving Energy: Games, facts and tips for Kids interested in learning more about how they can save energy and tour planet.Zoom in on the Environmental Action!: PBS Kids provides educational games, activities and information for kids to help them learn about the environment and what they can do to help reduce their daily impact.Become an Earth Ranger: A kid’s organization dedicated to environmental awareness and helping to raise children to be green.More Environmental Websites for Kids: The Natural Defense Council provides tons of great resources and websites for kids interested in learning more and helping our environment.