Our Contributors

Marcia Sullivan – Marcia is a postdoctoral student who is continuing her research into developing sustainable agricultural practices in third-world countries. She is interested in the intersection of environmentalism and economics. When she’s not working, she enjoys hiking and spending time with her grey tabby. Ronald Lay – Ronald is a researcher and writer who focuses on biodynamic and organic farming techniques. He’s been an avid gardener and farmer since he was a teenager. When he’s not working or writing, he enjoys nothing more than getting his hands dirty and brow sweaty while working outdoors. Paul Marino – Paul is currently a graduate student writing a thesis on environmental law and policy in the United States. He has spent part of each summer the last few years working in Washington with environmental lobbyist groups. He is currently teaching an undergraduate class on environmental law and public policy. Debra Jennings – Debra works as a consultant advising companies in environmental compliance management. She specializes in air permitting and emission inventories, as well as in application submittals and other aspects of environmental compliance. When not working, she enjoys cooking and reading. Michael Brown – Michael is the webmaster for AAEnvironment.com and offers technical support for the website. He teaches environmental science and is a gardener. When he’s not working, he’s tending to his prized heirloom tomatoes.