AFRICAN AMERICAN ENVIRONMENTALIST ASSOCIATION Homicides in the United States Reveal the City with Most Murders Is Chicago2004/2003 FBI: 132 police killed while on duty in 2003. Of the total, which is eight deaths more than in 2002, 49 were killed in traffic accidents and 45 by firearms. Thirty-one of those killed with guns were wearing body armor at the time There were approximately 4,743 lynchings in the U.S. between 1882 and 1968.Bureau of Labor Statistics: 45 taxi drivers across the country were killed on the job in 2003, 37 of them shot to death.City with the Most Murders: Chicago: 599Chicago is America’s murder capital. In the city with the most murders, homicides are down from 648 a year earlier and 665 in 2001. It is the first time since 1967 that the total has dipped below 600.The nation’s third-largest city still outpaced all others for the second time in three years. New York, with about three times the population, ends up among the cities with the most murders and closes the year out with 596 homicides. Los Angeles, which had the most murders in 2002 at 658, wound up with about 100 less than Chicago did last year.Homicides in USA: New York: 596Coming in second on the list of cities with the most murders, the final tally for 2003 was 596 homicides, up from 587 in 2002.The murder rate in NY City was driven by the crack cocaine epidemic, hitting more than 2,000 in the early 1990’s.Third Position in Cities with the Most Murders: Los Angeles 505Most murder victims: males in their teens or 20s, gang- or drug-related, on the weekends and half of murders were Latino. Blacks represented 39% & whites 7.Detroit 361Philadelphia 347 Houston 272/278 Baltimore 271DC 198 247PG County, MD148 128Phoenix 247Dallas 235Oakland 114St. Columbus 112Seattle 88Birmingham 87Pittsburgh 41/77San Francisco 71Gary 69 St.Louis 69Charlotte 66Cincinnati 66Toronto 65Richmond 64Albuquerque 58//63Rochester 57Camden 44Minneapolis 44Utah 43 Boston 41Greensboro 39Wichita 21Providence 19Atlantic City 17Maine 16High Point 9 Puerto Rico 779Black-on-black murder is the most serious environmental issue in the black community today. Black-on-Black murder is an insult to the sacrifices of our ancestors. It is an insult to the sacrifices of Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and Huey Newton. And two of them were killed by Blacks. SchadenfreudeGerman word for:The guilty pleasure people secretly take in someone else’s suffering. It is usually generated by a person’s own modest, uncelebrated, drab, dull, tedious and virtually purposeless life. But almost everybody rubber necks in the hope of seeing someone else’s gore.