Dr. George W. Sloan is the Center’s Chairman for Special Projects.Henry Kissinger, Dr. George W. ‘Doc’ Sloan, Former French President Valery Giscard d’EstaingDr. Sloan has initiated projects for the Center that have ranged from steel plant pollution remediation to helicopter tours. His expertise has been a great asset to the Center over the past 15 years. The Special Projects he brings to the Center range from local projects to international programs.Dr. Sloan’s background ranges from advising presidents, governors, mayors and corporate America to civic and environmental groups. “Doc,” as he is called, is the power behind numerous projects, but he is not an attention seeker. He promotes equity in energy projects and respects the balance between job creation and environmental protection.One particular project included arranging pollution remediation services for Avesta Sheffield steel plant just outside of Baltimore, Maryland. The remediation was coupled with a proposed shipbreaking project that was to have included ‘Welfare-To-Work’ employees. Doc also arranged for negotiations with the Steelworkers Union on the project(s). Unfortunately, the stell plant closed without notice. The photo below shows a tour of the plant for youth that Doc arranged.Dr. Sloan is currently formulating methodologies to adequately monitor hydraulic fracturing sites, nuclear power plant sites and pipelines.